July 31, 2006

Imagine I Had Hands

imagineihadhandsImagine I Had Hands is the solo vehicle of Brit, Adam McCormack, guitarist and songwriter for Shlow, Raclet and Budget of the Shopping Anarchist. Now living in Denmark, McCormack's music is well crafted and ranges from the Nick Drakeish, "New Clown In Town", to the sharp, noisy punch of "Chasing An Ambulance" and "The RifleMan Polka". These songs are for the most part instrumental, and to be honest, I often find instrumental music lacking, but not in this case. McCormack's playing, energy, and modal shifts are enough to keep me listening. And when he does open his mouth, you'll be recalling the tone of the late, great Elliott Smith.

I highly recommend Imagine I Had Hands.

+ somewhere in fear
+ new clown in town
+ chasing an ambulance
*These are all myspace links, so if you would like to stream these songs, go here.

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