August 12, 2006

The Telephone in Your Cat

Grand Forks, North Dakota is home base for The Telephone In Your Cat, who I think might be a one man band, although their myspace page lists it's band members like this:

Cargoplane: vox, guitar, piano, bass.
El Camino Brouhaha: vox, guitar.
Dan Electric: guitar vox.
Jimmy Scotch: keys,trumpet,guitar,vox.
Spaghetti: bass,vox.

But I think it's one man basically and he's Jarman?, it does say on myspace: "write tunes, play keys for June Panic" (June Panic is an artist on Secretly Canadian).

Who am I kidding? I know next to nothing about the make up of this band. I do know that the music is very appealing... endearing indie pop with edges frayed and skills well-honed.

"Housecoat" recalls Jens Lekman's Magnetic Fields influence via Bright Eyes... if Oberst's music knew how to smile.

There are two more songs, both downloadable, on the myspace page. One song, "Broken Robot Gadget", gives a strong indication of how experimental this band's music can be.

+ housecoat
+ emily d

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