August 12, 2006

"Jaan Pehechaan Ho" - MOHAMMED RAFI

If you've seen Ghost World you'll remember this song, it opens the film. An old film clip of Mohammed Rafi singing the song is shown while the star of the film dances like Annette Funicello at a beach party.

The song is amazing (to me at least, at first it made me laugh, but then it grew on me), sixties American beach pop as interpreted by East Indian musicians - from it's jungle drums to the twangy Eddie Cochran guitar to the punchy brass section, and Rafi's voice, I still don't understand why I like it. I still don't understand what he's saying either, but nevertheless I sing along... annoyingly.

jaan pehechaan ho [mp3]
(sorry this link has exired, but you can find it again in this post along with a clip from the film)

*The Ghostworld soundtrack is available for download at eMusic, through their 25 FREE mp3s offer.

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