September 28, 2006

Equator Music

One of the newest labels in Canadian indie music is Equator Records. A fledgling, a rookie, the new kid on the block, all these are apt, but what isn't apparent is the already blockbuster roster they boast (well, unless you are familiar with the label). Buzz bands such as Metric, The Lovely Feathers, Islands, Teitur, and Metric frontwoman Emily Haines. To get a great idea of where this label is coming from, you can stream the first two albums by Metric and The Lovely Feathers, the debut by Islands, and a track by Micheal Brook... and all of that in the player you can find right here.

Find more Islands at the Hype Machine.
Find more The Lovely Feathers at the Hype Machine.
Find more Metric at the Hype Machine.

You will find Islands and The Lovely Feathers on eMusic. Here's the skinny on eMusic's FREE offer of 25 mp3 downloads.

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  1. I've been trying to go to the equator site for months now and it always says that it's "under construction", how did you get it? I clicked the link you posted, but it still didn't work.

  2. It is still under construction, I went in the back door. I didn't think they'd mind me promoting their music by linking their stream. The stream does work though, for anyone who wants to listen.