September 27, 2006

My Latest Novel + What's New at eMusic + "Hands in My Pocket"

I've been listening to an album by Scottish band, My Latest Novel (pictured left). Already released in Europe, it'll find it's way to North American streets on October 31st. Yeah, Halloween, and it's called Wolves. This is one album (another one) that eludes pigeonholing, the songs often possess an epic grandeur in scope, but are more intimate in tone with the band banging and sawing away at an array of acoustic instruments (violin, xylophone, mandolin, guitars). One thing is certain; this album will engage you in some way. You cannot anticipate the shifts and turns that wind their way through the record, this isn't an album to fall asleep to—not for me at least, I need something familiar and predictable (Nick Drake's Way To Blue being a favourite slumber inducer).

Here's something from the record, Wolves
+ sister sneaker, sister soul
+ the hope edition

* * * * * *

Now eMusic has some interesting new and old stuff showing up on site. Check out their Free offer of 25 MP3 Downloads.

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Living Like A Regugee
The Blow – Paper Television
Joseph Arthur – Nuclear Daydream
Ratatat – Classics
M Ward – Post-War
Richard Buckner – Meadow
Xiu Xiu – The Air Force
Dan The Automator - Hip-Hop
Basement Jaxx - Crazy Itch Radio

* * * * *

And finally, I got a request for that Jim Guthrie song, the one on the Capital One commercial, so here it is.
+ hands in my pocket

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