September 11, 2006

Isobel Campbell: New Record and MP3

Isobel Campbell, formerly of Belle and Sebastian, and half of the team responsible for the Mercury Prize short-listed album, Ballad of The Broken Seas, had plans to release two albums this year, and will meet her goal on November 6th with the release of Milkwhite Sheets on V2 Records.

This one may be a sleeper in the true sense of the word. You may find yourself with the need to lie down as Miss Campbell has in the above picture. That is unless you yearn for the tranquil sounds of traditional folk music. Here's a sample of the album which I found on Pitchfork...

+ o love is teasin' [mp3]

01 O Love Is Teasin'
02 Willow's Song
03 Yearning
04 James
05 Hori Horo
06 Reynardine
07 Milkwhite Sheets
08 Cachel Wood
09 Beggar, Wiseman or Thief
10 Loving Hannah
11 Are You Going to Leave Me?
12 Over the Wheat & the Barley
13 Thursday's Child
14 Bird in the Wood (CD hidden track)

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