September 11, 2006

Richard Buckner: MP3s and Tour Dates

Richard Buckner has a most distinctive vocal style. At times when he stretches out on a word, a dark, wavering vibrato skitters over the syllable he's singing. It may sound foreign to your ear, but give it a chance, he has a fantastic voice and the songs have the depth which requires a number of listens before they begin to settle in you. His baritone has a rich timbre, and for me it evokes the feel of unfinished wood... wood rich with grain and flecked with knots. If these songs, offered as mp3s below, draw you in, you're in luck, as Buckner has a number of recordings worth your time and money.
Buckner is that all too common occurrence--the unsung singer/songwriter--and that all too uncommon artist, one whose music, like good art, stays with you as you move through the years. His most recent release, Meadow [September 12, 2006], is on Merge Records.

Richard Buckner is currently on tour and Merge has been posting his tour diary entries on their new blog... go here for the first post.

Bloomed [Dejadics] 1994
Devotion + Doubt [MCA] 1997
Since [MCA] 1998
The Hill [Overcoat] 2000
Richard Buckner [Overcoat] 2000
Impasse [Overcoat] 2002
Dents and Shells [Merge] 2004
Meadow [Merge] 2006

+ town from Meadow [2006]
+ a chance counsel from Dents and Shells
+ goner w/souvenir from Since
+ rainsquall from Bloomed
+ settled down from Bloomed
+ dogwood from Merge Comp Old Enough To Know Better

See all tour date listings here.

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