September 10, 2006

Mogwai: Free MP3s

mogwai: FREE MP3s10 year-old Scottish band, Mogwai, released their fifth studio album, Mr. Beast, on March 7, 2006. I feel a kinship with Scottish things, my paternal grandfather used to tell how our family is descended from the Vikings who conquered and reigned over northern parts of Scotland centuries ago and, so, I also feel a strange connection to Vikings as well. But it's the Scottish element we are concerned with here. Mogwai's music stirs up images, flashes of things I have not seen outside of film and video: open spaces, barren rocky landscapes--the greens, browns, and greys of foreign lands--images ingrained upon my DNA. Like an evocative film soundtrack it links up with your cerebral projector, syncing with your heart it runs at 72 frames per second. This moody orchestral post rock can burrow deeply into you like an engrossing book.

Band members are: Stuart Braithwaite [guitar/vocals], Dominic Aitchinson [bass], Martin Bulloch [drums], Barry Burns [guitar/keyboards/flute], and John Cummings [guitar].

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+ drum machine - Rock Action outtake
+ hunted by a freak from Happy Songs for Happy People
+ miracle - Mogwai remix of track from Craig Armstrong's 'As If To Nothing' album.
+ bill is dead - Released on Lost Dog Recordings in 2002 and featuring Stuart Braithwaite & Aidan Moffat.
+ lower - Mogwai's long deleted first single on Rock Action Records.
+ moses - Demo recording of "Moses I Amn't" from Happy Songs for Happy People
+ 2 rights make 1 wrong - ATP version
+ ratts of the capital - live Tokyo 2003


*There are some videos and video interview segments to be seen at Matador Records, all in Real format.*

Stream Go here to steam a handful of Mogwai tracks courtesy of

*Download Mogwai's albums EPs, and singles on Matador and Jetset Records at eMusic* - look into eMusic's Free Trial of 25 MP3 Downloads.


Summer at Shatter Creek (a one man band from Michigan) took the first three songs from Mogwai's EP +2 and adding lyrics recorded the results...

+ christmas song
+ burn girl prom queen


  1. anyone heard Summer at Shatter Creek's (de)mixes of Mogwai classics?

    3 available FREE here:

    : k

  2. :k -- they are in the post, well, two of them are linked in this post!