October 29, 2006


A while back a band called The May Fire got in touch about sending me a CD to check out, but the offer slipped my slippery mind until something triggered the memory. So, here's a post about the San Francisco band called The May Fire:

If you're looking for some catchy, yet grimey, girl-yelped rock 'n roll... pull over 'cause here it is. Led by the smokey raw purr of Catty Tasso, the band of El Pipe (Drums/Vox), Rob (Bass/Keys), and Nachito (Guitar), are wrapped tightly about Tasso's voice and the always welcome cowbell.

from the album Right And Wrong
+ redeye
+ right and wrong

Look for more on the band's myspace page, or stream the band's album here. BUY the album here.

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