October 29, 2006

The Shins: MP3s + 'Wincing The Night Away' Track List

shins of the corn

It's still a long way off to the release of The Shins anticipated third album, Wincing The Night Away, but it's good, believe me, it's good. A handful of songs will hook you on first listen and all of those will work their way deeper into your flesh like barbed fishhooks of melody. A few of the tracks which have me gasping while dangling at the end of 20 lb test monofilament are "Sleeping Lessons", "Australia", "Phantom Limb", and "Red Rabbits". Until the disc arrives in stores on January 23, 2007, here are some mp3s from earlier Shins efforts, including a couple of covers. If you're into the live tracks, there's a James Mercer fan site that has a few live shows available to download here.

The Shins MP3s
+ saint simon
+ fighting in a sack
+ those bold city girls
+ sphagnum esplanade
+ the holiday song (pixies cover)
+ harvest (Neil Young cover performed solo by James Mercer)
+ when i goosestep

Wincing The Night Away track list:
"Sleeping Lessons" - 3:58
"Australia" - 3:56
"Pam Berry" - 0:56
"Phantom Limb" - 4:47
"Sea Legs" - 5:22
"Red Rabbits" - 4:30
"Turn on Me" - 3:41
"Black Wave" - 3:19
"Spilt Needles" - 3:45
"Girl Sailor" - 3:44
"A Comet Appears" - 3:49

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