October 23, 2006

*Sixeyes Sponsors Tour!

*Sixeyes is proud to announce that it is partnered with insound.com in bringing the 'much-loved-at-*Sixeyes' band, Devastations, to North American audiences for the first time. This is also a first for *Sixeyes, as far as being a tour sponsor, and I couldn't be more excited that it's for this great band. Joining Devastations on the road will be All Tomorrow's Parties band, The Drones. Both bands are well above par and differing enough in style to make this a great show... please check out the tour specifics and dates through the linked ad in the top right sidebar.

Here are some mp3s of the bands and here's the link to *Sixeyes myspace page (why not add *Sixeyes as a friend while you'e there) where a handful of tracks can be streamed from each current release by Devastations, and The Drones. The streaming songs will give you an inkling of how good a time you'll have when you go to see these bands play together live. Don't forget to check out the tour details through the 'tour sponsor' ad in the top right sidebar.

Devastations album, Coal, see it's stateside release this Tuesday, October 24th.

Devastations [Brassland/Beggars]
+ sex and mayhem
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The Drones [All Tomorrow's Parties]
>> Find a bunch of the Drones mp3s here.
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  1. Well done.

    Devastations and The Drones are both great live.

  2. I'm really digging the new Favorite Sons too. Very Nick Cave-ish.