October 23, 2006

Vanderslice's mk ultra:"The Lesser Beauty"

I've been a little obsessed with this song from John Vanderslice's earlier musical career in his band mk Ultra. Found on the self-titled debut from 1994, "The Lesser Beauty" is one of fifteen tracks that brought Vanderslice's talents as a songwriter to the public view. Lasting close to five years, the band, mk ultra, released three albums, the aforementioned self-titled debut, along with Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1996), and The Dream is Over (1999). Vanderslice's love of experimental and intriguing sound textures shows up on this very first album, as well as this song. It also bears his unerring ability to craft melodies which instantly latch onto you.

+ the lesser beauty from mk ultra

All three mk ultra albums can be purchased through Barsuk, but you can freely download all three through this link here.

Here are a few more mk ultra tracks...
+ the dream is over from the dream is over
+ true crime from Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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  1. Anonymous4:40:00 PM

    i have been obsessed with "catastrophe practice" for the past 3 weeks. jv makes incredible music.

  2. YES! Vanderslice is the man! Even his old MK Ultra days rock to the break of dawn. He's working on a new album and you can hear a handful of new live songs at InvisibleLimb.net.

    Keep posting the goods!