October 08, 2006

Princeton (the band)

Princeton is a California based trio of twin brothers Jesse and Matt Kivel along with Ben Usen. These fellas appear to be attempting to deliver the sombre beauty of Nick Drake, the peppy peppermint pop of the sixties, and the naiveity of those past times on their mini LP, A Case of the Emperor's Clothes. And with very little in the way of tools, as explained on their web site... "one microphone, one acoustic guitar, a cheap keyboard, six pairs of hands, three sets of vocal chords, and one small egg shaker"... they've achieved this perceived goal admirably. If you like shiny, sparkling harmonies glinting from the face of timeless melodies, you'd do well to focus your light upon this band. It'll be hard not to smile when they're smiling at you.

Princeton's myspace page is here.

Mp3's from A Case of the Emperor's Clothes
The Indifference Curve
Tokyo Japan
They Sing in Her Heart

"They Sing In Her Heart" is a myspace link and can only be streamed on Princton's myspace page.

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