October 07, 2006

Nellie McKay 'Pretty Little Head'

Don't worry your pretty little head, pretty little Nellie McKay [fan page] has a double album coming the end of this month, October 31st. Pretty Little Head will finally be issued on New York indie label, SpinART Records, after it had languished on the shelf since October 2005 when her previous label, Columbia, nixed her plans to release a full 23 song, 65 minute album by stating they wanted a cut down 16 song and 48 minute version.

Now McKay's (pronounced Muh-KIE) vision will finally be seen, as SpinART is releasing the whole enchilada this Halloween... here's the track list and below, some mp3s from the record:

Pretty Little Head
Disc 1:
Pink Chandelier
There You Are In Me
The Big One
I Will Be There
The Down Low
Long & Lazy River
I Am Nothing
Beecharmer (feat. Cyndi Lauper)
Swept Away
Disc 2:
Real Life
we had it right (feat k.d. lang)
Columbia Is Bleeding
Lali Est Parisseux
Happy Flower
Mama and Me
Old Enough

MP3s from Pretty Little Head
+ there you are in me
+ food

You can stream two tracks from Pretty Little Head on her myspace page.
FIND more Nellie Mckay here.

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