October 09, 2006

Scissors For Lefty 'Underhanded Romance': Acoustic MP3s

San Francisco's Scissors For Lefty, who are on Brit label, Rough Trade, finally saw their full length, Underhanded Romance, released in the UK on October 2nd. Two singles have already seen the light of day across the pond, ("Ghetto Ways" and "Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home").

Imagine Spoon grabbing a synthesizer now and again... and with a more obvious British influence. Yeah, it's good.

Underhanded Romance Track Listing:
01. Nickels & Dimes
02. Next To Argyle
03. Lay Down Your Weapons
04. Ghetto Ways
05. X's Are Forever
06. Wandering Arms
07. Save It Cory
08. Marsha
09. Got Your Moments
10. Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home
11. Bring Us A Brick

Here's some acoustic versions of Underhanded Romance tracks:
wandering arms [mp3]
next to argyle [mp3]
ghetto ways [mp3]

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