November 01, 2006

Barzin: My Life In Rooms

Funny, but I've known of Barzin for over two years, I think, and I'm pretty sure I haven't done a post on him, as of yet. He continually skips just below my radar, but that's not difficult to do... seeing how my radar is dusty and outdated... his latest creative effort is titled My Life In Rooms, a collection of songs which hits you like shadows, and yet somehow dazzles with the light casting those very same shadows. The opening track, "Driving My Car", ripples and shimmers like slate blue water under golden sunlight. A lovely song that curls up against you like campfire smoke, etching itself in your clothes and hair. This description befits much of Barzin's music, music he has been writing over a span of 11 years on two albums, 2003's self-titled debut (Where Are My Records) and this year's My Life In Rooms (Weewerk - CAN and Monotreme - UK). Barzin is a fellow Canadian and often enlists the talents of another Canuck, Great Lake Swimmers, Tony Dekker, to help out--this should make perfect sense to those who know the music of the Great Lake Swimmers. The supernatural creak of the pedal steel and the cool tension of the piano are both familiar parts of Barzin's music and that of the Great Lake Swimmers. Here are some sounds from Barzin's latest and his 2003 debut on Where Are My Records.

from My Life In Rooms [BUY - Weewerk Canada - Monotreme US/UK]
+ let's go driving
+ leaving time

from his s/t debut [BUY]
+ past all concerns
+ cruel sea

Upcoming dates - find more here
Nov 2 Toronto @ Mod Club - early set @ 7 pm
opening for Stuart Staples (Tindersticks)

Nov 2 Guelph ON @ E Bar w/ Bellewoods
Nov 3 London ON @ Forest City Gallery w/ Bellewoods
Nov 4 Peterborough ON @ The Spill w/ Bellewoods


  1. Anonymous1:37:00 PM

    Barzin is awesome, nice to see someone noticing him.

  2. 'past all concerns' is one of those songs you want to listen to over and over again but you can't because it just wrecks you emotionally but then you do anyway because it's THAT good.

    awesome post.

  3. anonymous,
    thank you for that.


    thanks so much for taking the time to comment. and, of course, to bother checking out sixeyes.