November 11, 2006

Montreal's All Girl Band: Pony Up

With all the bands coming out of, or making their home in, Montreal lately (arcade fire and wolf parade for example), you might have missed the promising all-girl band, Pony Up. Touted by Ben Lee as a favourite of his, he put his money where his mouth is by signing the band to his fledgling indie imprint, Ten Fingers Records. Also found on American indie label, Dim Mak, where the fivesome (Lisa Smith: Bass/vocals, Lindsay Wills: Drums/vocals, Laura Wills: Keyboards/vocals, Sara Moundroukas: Guitar/vocals, Camille Ingr: everything else/vocals) released their debut, a self-titled 7 track ep, late January 2005.

These women seem the kind who would not back down from a challenge--they say what's on their minds, kisses -- or what's in their jeans, cream. They play close to straight up indie-pop with a moody edge, one created by the music and/or the lyrics. These girls are taking control and letting you know it at the same time.

"... but are you into polygamy, cuz we are like totally free... oh, matthew modine, we wanna be your blow-job queens, oh matthew modine, we think that you are peachy keen..." - from "Matthew Modine"

From the 2005's self-titled EP
+ matthew modine
+ shut up and kiss me

Now a four piece after the departure of Camille Ingr, the foursome recently released their debut full-length, Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes.

From the new album, Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes
+ the truth about cats and dogs

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*mp3s from dim mak


  1. Thanks, I've been looking for more Pony Up! tunes. I love Shut Up & Kiss Me. Good stuff.

  2. Good find. I've been looking for some more on them since seeing them (and this picture?) in Spin a few months back.

  3. I'd also suggest you get the song "Marlon Brando's Laundromat" if you can find it. I like their stuff, good choice.

  4. Anonymous12:09:00 AM

    Its funny that no mention of any Montreal bands that sing in other languages than english.
    I've visited the city on 12 occassions in the past 10 years (I work now for a Barcelona travel agency so I can still travel as much as I want) to see their world famous festivals: Jazz, Franckofolies and Film and in a province that is 90% french speaking, its a shame we americans havent heard anything from the perfectly bilingual and trilingual bands (the world sounds from francophone countries such as Haiti, Senegal, Cameroon, Morocco, etc) that have created the true and distinct 'Montreal' sound which easily goes from language to language in the same songs.

    No qualms with the bands mentioned but coming to Montreal for the music and coming away with american sounding stuff is like going to Italy and eating at Pizza Hut.
    Its missing the point of why Montreal is by far the most fascinating city in north america.

    There is a well known indie music contest in Montreal which has spawned 4-5 of the biggest francophones bands of the past decades (Its Francosomething) and a few years ago a friend took me to see the band who had won the previous year. It was led by an algerian singer with french/latino/indian musicians who sang a mix of rai and reggae, mainly in arab, with a quarter in french and some vocals in spanish, english and others.
    With all I had heard about linguistic problems in Canada (imagine not being able to be served in your native tongue in your own country), I was impressed that such a band could win a major contest like that.

    As a Montrealophile, I feel this is what makes Montreal unique and what we are missing.

    That said: Pony Up is pretty good. Listened to a tune on LastFm once I believe but didnt really pay attention. I did this time.
    How are they live?