November 10, 2006

Bee and Flower

It's no surprise that I found Bee and Flower on the Devastations myspace page. As soon as I heard Dana Schechter's voice I wanted to hear her sing with the Devs' Conrad Standish. She has a smoky husky timbre that lends itself so well to the minor key sorrow that she and the band offer the listener. And in fact, Bee and Flower do their pollinating in Berlin, Germany, where Devastations are also based, so there must be something in the water, or the air, or the wine, that provokes, or attracts, those with musical gifts and an affinity for the darker side of things. This is lovely music, not 'sunshine streaming through the open window while the white lace curtains flutter' music, this is more along the lines of 'the moon is beaming through the cracked windowpane while velvet curtains frame the glass... glass smeared with red, red lipstick'.

Below you'll find a generous offering of the band's music found as mp3s on their website, and on their myspace is another mp3 of a track called "Twin Stars".

The band's pedigree is impressive, as noted on it's myspace page:

DANA SCHECHTER: Vocals, Bass (Keren Ann, Angels of Light, Bertrand Burgalat)
RODERICK MILLER: Keyboards (April March, Pulver, Richard Ruin)
TOBY DAMMIT: Percussion (Iggy Pop, Stephan Eicher, Keren Ann, Swans)
JONI HEINE: Bass, Guitar (the Durgas, Undersink Organizer)
SIBILLE ZEH: (cello)
UDO MASSHOFF: Drums (Ready Made, Winson)

from the upcoming untitled album...
+ don't say don't worry

What's Mine is Yours 2003 [Neurot]
+ I i know your name
riding on empty
wounded walking

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