November 21, 2006

Stafrænn Hákon: MP3s

SHAKON1Stafrænn Hákon is a one man band, (Stafrænn Hákon translates as Digital Hakon, his real name being Olafur Josephsson), that harvests it's songs from a basement in Iceland. With over 5 recordings to date, you have much to discover from this artist. The sound is guitar focused, supported by drum loops and submerged keyboards. Imagine Iron & Wine raised in a vast open landscape of volcano and midnight sun, worshipping electronica as much as folk. While this is mostly instrumental music, with the odd soft-spoken bit woven into the framework of song, the upcoming album, Gummi, will be the first to bear vocals. Fellow Icelandic musician Blindfold contributes his voice and musical ability to Gummi... which, in my opinion has stengthened Stafrænn Hákon's music immensely. The very atmospheric music he has created all along has now taken on a warmer, more intimate tone, with the addition of a singing voice. The new recording will be released on Resonant Records (UK) and Nature Records (Japan) sometime this winter. These fellow Icelandic musicians and good friends, have worked together in the past... here's an example from Blindfold's self-titled album from 2005 on Resonant Records:
+ i see you through me

BUY Stafrænn Hákon music here.

Here's just some of the free mp3s of Stafrænn Hákon found online:

from Ventill/Poki
+ Vogor
+ Kjammi

from Skvettir edik á ref 2002
+ kofi
+ e.k

from í ástandi rjúpunnar 2002
+ skortur
+ kul
+ hvíti hákarlinn

from Prjónar Húmmus 2003
+ b.s.t
iodine (demo)

from Per:Segulsvið - Kysstu mig Þungi Spánverji
(collaboration between Stafrænn Hákon & Svanur Magnús)
+ vísur fyrir þreytta fugla

from his worldwide debut... "Eignast Jeppa"
+ hólkur

And more MP3s:
þurr hanski
taetir raekju

Find more mp3s here and here.


  1. Anonymous10:34:00 PM

    Iceland rocks

  2. Thanks for this, just the thing for a chilly November morn. What *is* it about Iceland?

  3. you're welcome nic.
    as for your question... i think it's the ice.

  4. good to know that other pipz like his tunez too. i have two of his albums btw, which i stumbled upon last year whilst record hunting. namely, "vetill/poki" and "i astandi rjupunnar. loved it ever since.

    if you really wanna know whats up with them Icelanders, well you'll have to just head over there to find out for yourself. a cheaper way is to just watch the "screaming masterpiece" documentary instead. trust me, it's great!