November 22, 2006

Lily Frost

Lily Frost's voice is beautiful. I haven't been as taken with a woman's voice since I happened upon Leslie Feist on some long forgotten record label site about five years ago. It's clear, smooth, well shaped, and that's just her voice! And yes, she's also Canadian, as is Feist, and there's even a connection with Feist, as Frost's husband, Jose Contreras, once pulled Feist into his own band, Toronto's By Divine Right. But it's Lily we're talking about here and she's just released a gem of a record called, Cine-Magique. And as I stated at the beginning, it's the voice which is the star here. It's a voice which cannot be buttonholed, shoehorned, or labelled... Frost effortlessly seguing between the coquette and the innocent without either vanishing completely. Her very recent release (September 19th in Canada), Cine-Magique, does not make any obvious attempt to nail the 'hip' sound favoured by today's indie kids. This is simply a talented woman (with a lovely voice) playing music she loves, not what's in vogue.

Now, the songs I love on this record are "Enchantment", "Secrets", "You've Shaken Every Part Of Me" and, surprisingly to me, "So In Love". The final song, in that short list, is a classic written by Cole Porter for the 1948 Broadway musical, Kiss Me Kate. It's a song which has attracted the attention of dozens of talented singers, but Frost does an admirable job in the many limbed shadow this song carries. And when you hear "The Priscillas's Song" you'll realize that Frost is the epitome of the '60s pop star. It's a Phil Spectorish 'sha-la-la' number which shines via Frost's clear commanding voice that swims just above the little girl from which it bloomed.

You've got to give this woman a listen and then spread the word because Frost is a surprising and special talent, and she warrants more attention.

Cine-Magique, her fourth solo record, is available on Aporia Records.
Buy Cine-Magique.

I forgot to mention that this current release and another recording by Lily Frost are available at eMusic... here's the scoop on eMusic's FREE trial offer of 25 downloads.

Here are a couple of mp3s from the album:
+ enchantment
+ i called you

You can stream four songs and download them at her myspace.

Here's a link to an e-card where you can stream four songs.

Cine-Magique track list:
01. You've Shaken Every Part Of Me
02. Enchantment
03. Je Reviendrai
04. Secrets
05. So In Love
06. Warm Dawn
07. Pacha Mama
08. I Called You
09. Psychic Cat Fight
10. Is It Just Spring?
11. Seasons Song
12. Raise The Veil
13. The Priscillas' Song



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