November 25, 2006

Franklin Delano

FRANKLIN DELANO: All My Sense Are Senseless TodayI've always been attracted to contrast in music, from different guitar figures to the blending and unblending of two voices that shouldn't sound good together, but they do. This is what you get with 'Question' - from the guitar weave to the sweet and sour vocals of Paola Iocca and Marcella Riccardi.

It comes at you in waves... waves of guitar patterns - arpeggios, harmonics - electric, acoustic - only to be broken by the line, ' It's not a question...', right up against your ear - like Clint Eastwood in a spaghetti western, all breathy, like he's oddlly out of breath from climbing off his horse.

Some think of Italy when they hear the term 'spaghetti western', but they were most often made in Spain. Although Italy is where the band Franklin Delano is from - made up of Iocca and Riccardi, plus Vittoria Burattini and Stefano Pilia. A band self-described as the 'dark side of post-folk'... a christening which baptises them in the same moody Americana waters as The National and Okkervil River.

From All My Sense Are Senseless Today
+ question [Zahr Records - 2005]

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  1. Yes, contrasts is it. That's why i used to listen to Pere Ubu. Have you listened to their latest cd, that came out this september?

  2. p.s i forgot the link to Pere Ubu: