December 11, 2006

Discover Something New: Bronx Cheerleader, Annemarie, Oxygen Ponies

Bronx Cheerleader - Canada

It was quite a while back when I happily stumbled upon this band and after linking some mp3s from the label (Yummy Recordings) was contacted by Yummy head honcho and future Bronx Cheerleader member, Joe Lapinski. He (or was it Bronx Cheerleader leader, Scott Warren) sent me a copy of the album, Tough Guy Cliches. I raved about it, or in my own low key 'don't-make-too-much-noise-'cause-you-don't-want-to-draw-too-much-attention-to-yourself-'cause-i'm-a-shy-and-private-kinda-guy' way, raved about it here at *Sixeyes. But don't take my word for it... others have said good things as well:

!earshot online said:"This is the greatest pop release I've heard in a long time." said: "... one of the best debut’s I’ve heard and was definitely one of the strongest releases of the year."

And this is what I said:
"This debut outing is wonderfully packed with strongly memorable melodies. Led by Scott Warren of former Toronto band Pope Factory, this is a DIY bedroom effort which was mixed and mastered by Yummy Recordings label head, Joe Lapinski. Relying heavily on acoustic guitar and frequent double tracking of Warren's soft vocals some of the album's 12 songs raise the spectre of Elliott Smith, but Warren's vocals are more akin to the ethereal voice of Great Lake Swimmer's Tony Dekker brought down to earth by the twin ghosts of Nick Drake and the aforementioned Smith. Standout tracks include "Hollywood Ending", "The Idea", Racing Time", and "Invisible Suit" with it's unexpected serpentine groove. A series of songs that sparkle with the pent up energy of Warren's self-imposed exile from music. Shimmering with melancholia, Tough Guy Cliches, marks a very welcome return to the fold for Scott Warren."

So, the people who got to hear it pretty much raved about it... this here is a reminder, or a refresher, for those of you who didn't give the band a listen yet.

Now download the incredibly generous amount of mp3s offered by the band... and please spread the word and fill your mp3 players with Bronx Cheerleader.

the assault
racing time
so nice to see you (fall)

More songs here... and here and perhaps here (if some of my fellow bloggers out there wake the hell up!).


Annemarie - Indonesia

This outfit's manager got in touch with an eye to getting some attention for this band... hope she's happy because here it is. First thing I noticed was the band's name, not the best choice... maybe they could shorten it to AM, but they do have a twee thing going on, so after a brief listen Annemarie seems perfect for a twee pop band. And there is some very sweet pop stuff happening here with the plaintive female vocal giving way to the tobacco-burred sounds of the male voice. Those of you missing the more twee aspects of Belle and Sebastian should heed this band (and download these offerings, plus BUY the music and maybe even add them as a friend on myspace).

From The Living Model EP (Musicismygirlfriend, Sweden, 2005)
the living model

from their debut full length on Plastilina Records
bubble gum i see


The Oxygen Ponies - USA
Paul Megna has a truly distinctive sound vocally and he makes good use of that voice, keeping it out front on songs like "Get over Yrself", with it's sparse but atmospheric instrumentation. This New Yorker has a voice limned with sadness, although not overcome by it, and most definitely not wallowing in it. He gives up a weariness, a weariness worn down by the sadness he carries day to day. And I hope that you do remember that sad songs make the best songs... no, not the most popular songs, the best songs. You remember that, don't you?

From his debut album, The Oxygen Ponies...
get over yrself [mp3 courtesy of]

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