December 18, 2006

"Jesus Christ" MP3

This song was one I hadn't heard before, which surprises me as I've listened to a fair bit of Big Star. But because it's perfect for this time of year, I figured it was a good pick for you guys, even if you've heard it before. I found the song on a fairly new music blog called Modern Music. Based out of Istanbul, it's proprietor, Bulut, offers insightful thoughts on a wide array of indie artists, plus the odd major label act, along with the prerequsite mp3s.

After doing some research, I've learned that this song is from Big Star's album, Third/Sister Lovers. And I believe I haven't heard any of these songs before. Now, I own the first two albums (bought out of curiousity years ago, and have a handful of favourite songs from them), but I never got around to this one. This song won't usurp my long-time Christmas fave by John Lennon, "Happy Christmas (War Is Over", and it won't make me go to church (not much can do that), but it fits the late December vibe to a tee. And I just realized, as I typed in the title for this post, that this may bring me a few visitors I may have otherwise not reached. Hallelujah!

big star + jesus christ
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  1. new_to_your_site5:57:00 AM

    thanks. I like big star. and I'm happy to have a song about actual christmas (as opposed to santa, shopping, and all) that isn't either 100 years old or icky as (pardon me) hell.

  2. hey, new_to_your_site, or my_site, welcome and thanks for letting me know you liked the song.

    happy holidays