December 16, 2006

*Sixeyes Favourite Album of 2006

The Veils Nux Vomica.

It's the album that I've enjoyed more often than any other this year (and if you're a regular visitor to *Sixeyes, you likely know that I'm not big on lists, so this is my best of list). Now I'm not saying it's the best album of the year, I don't have the gall to think I know enough about music, or have heard enough of the music released this year, to even begin to approach that level of gall. This is my favourite. And I only realized that after hearing the songs again and again, after it had fallen by the wayside, on my new mp3 player. If you haven't heard The Veils the first thing you should know is they are led by Finn Andrews (above), a singer and songwriter whose personality comes across in raw waves in his music. His voice is rough and ragged... it cracks and squeaks in all the right places. The songs range from intimate to epic, but almost always romantic. He's not pushing the envelope here, there is definitely not enough experimental clinging and clanging to appeal to some of the bloggers out there drooling over Sunset Rubdown, or Animal Collective. This is just straight up and straight ahead... it's appeal resting in, once again, Andrews distinctive musical and physical voice. There's an old vibe to the music, as if drawn from a long forgotten well. A well now passed over by the self-ironic. A well offering up buckets of passion. If Andrews had been writing music in the early seventies he would have been a star. Right up there with Bowie and Bolan. You know, a little make-up, a little glitter, the pants (or jumpsuit) WAY too tight, multiple appearances on The Midnight Special, a band member who OD'ed. But he is here and now. The hooks are strong and the sound distinctive. It's my favourite of the year.

From Nux Vomica, the band's second full length:
one night on earth

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  1. I love The Veils. I had them on my top 10 for 06 (along with Sunset Rubdown). Thought I was alone in that choice until I saw this blog. Glad I'm not alone in recognizing this great album.

  2. this was such an improvement on their debut album. I guess great songwriting runs in the family, considering Finn's father was Barry Andrews of the great XTC.

  3. Anonymous11:16:00 AM

    Good choice. It's amazing their hasn't been more buzz about this band. and i agree, he would have been a major star back in the seventies.

  4. Anonymous1:28:00 PM

    I love The Veils. This is a very nice album. I would love to see them live someday.

  5. Excellent choice. I was a bit disappointed no-one else even seemed to notice this album, but it is my favourite of the year as well, I think.

  6. Can you believe i missed this album despite my hard work on new releases in this year. I'd known them by emotional song Lavinia from Runaway Found. But i missed this great record. Thanks Allan for this, none of the good blogs mentioned about this.

  7. bulut: lavinia is a great song, as good as anything on the new album. well, you're welcome, glad i gave this great band some exposure it deserves.

    As for 'none of the good blogs', i like to think of sixeyes as the best blog for indie music. if i didn't think that i wouldn't be spending the precious little time i have on this music blog.

  8. ahh, I have the Veils on my best of 2006 list as well. Cool!