January 07, 2007

Aaron Schroeder

I did a post on Aaron Schroeder's music a while ago here and have just recently been listening to some demos for his work-in-progress album, Black & Gold. One of those demos, "Between Drags" is very, very good, a song which at it's heart is apparently one of those damn burrs that get caught in your socks right up against those tender ankles. You'd most likely bend over and tear at those damn burrs, but not this time, after several repeat listens you'll discover that burr to actually be a seed... a seed which has begun to sprout. Any song that can remind me of a burr (which was the inspiration for the invention of velcro, by the way), or can slip under your locked door and take up residence so insidiously and yet begin with the epithet, "Fuck it...", has something going for it. Namely, sharply observed lyrics, a lovely understated lead vocal, and so-catchy-that-they're-damn-near-viral la de da de da's. Download, listen and make a note to seek out this young man's music. This guy will only get better.

[mp3] between drags

More MP3s
[mp3] fake crimes demo
[mp3] prisioner demo

Check here for more Aaron Schroeder music.

Photo Credit: Dusty Bryce

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