January 06, 2007

New to eMusic: Joanna Newsom 'Ys'

Wow! Some things popping up at eMusic that should grab your attention. Plus some great albums coming soon like Of Montreal's upcoming record, Hissing Fauna... (this will be on many year best-of lists, I guarantee it... mayb,e if I make the egocentric effort of compiling a best of list, that Of Montreal album will up at the top of my list). *Sixeyes digital download service of choice, eMusic, is still offering 25 free mp3 downloads to any and all newcomers.

NEW to eMusic:
joanna newsom Ys
cat power you are free
the kinks muswell hillbillies
sinead o'connor if you had a vineyard
belle and sebastian the life pursuit
pavement wowee zowee: sordid sentinels edition
sufjan stevens greetings from michigan
john coltrane lush life remastered
damien jurado

AND New Albums COMING SOON to eMusic:
Arcade Fire
Of Montreal
Bloc Party
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

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  1. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY does this site keep pushing eMusic? Please tell me there's some cash in it for you....

  2. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYes... of course, i make a small amount of money when someone signs up for a free trial. i'd have to be nuts to promote eMusic as much as i have without any compensation.

    i don't get any money for this, but anyone can be an affiliate.