January 29, 2007

SXSW: 2007 Comin' but 2006 Still Kickin'

Six, or seven, weeks to go until the music starts at SXSW (March 14th), I won't be there, but I guarantee you that the buzz that'll build in the indie music community will be like a pot of strong coffee to me. Last year SXSW had a massive amount of music and the same will be true this year. You may already know that the festival for the past couple of years has hosted hundreds and hundreds of mp3s of bands that were showcaseds at Austin, although this year's showcase mp3s aren't online yet, last years are still downloadable and here are about 50 free and legal mp3s.

You'll find more mp3s of any of these artists by searching the hype machine. Just punch in the artist's name in that great big search box in the upper right corner.

the golden dogs birdsong
the broken west (formerly the brokedown) down in the valley
brakes ring a ding ding
envelopes sister in love
the theater fire swimming
tim fite no good here
the slip the children of december
persephone's bees nice day
richard hawley coles corner
luke doucet broken one
jose gonzalez crosses
the owls air
tapes 'n tapes cowbell
christine fellows migrations
sarah harmer i am aglow
bettye lavette down to zero
magnet hold on
the czars paint the moon
over the rhine lookin' forward
the summer wardrobe the black house
dirty on purpose girls & sunshine
new london fire different
rogue wave publish my love
as astra per aspera voodoo economics
washington social club backed to the future
leeroy stagger just in case
+/- {plus/minus} i've been lost
beirut postcards from italy
annuals X
editors munich
the standard red drop
neko case if you knew
oranger new comes and goes
moving units between us & them
the capes tightly wound
the soft lighties black skinheads in white pants
marah the demon of white sadness
dappled cities fly peach
nicolai dunger hunger
magnolia electric company dark don't hide it
sound team fastest man alive
modern skirts my bully
ane brun my lover will go
dressy bessy electrified
the happy bullets the virtue and vice ministry
elliott brood second son
laura veirs galaxies
the dresden dolls girl anachronism
julie doiron snow falls in nomember
the organ memorize the city
the capitol years juicers
the boy least likely to be gentle with me
man man i, manface
metric monster hospital

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  1. Great posts! How many songs! I listen to Munich again :) It reminds the beginning of 2006.

    If I dont tell you before, it's a great blog! With a lot of interesting things to discover.

  2. Anonymous3:37:00 PM

    Modern Skirts!!!