February 13, 2007

DISCOVER: Hayden, Tobias Froberg, Ian Love

Hayden - "Hollywood Ending" [mp3]
Canadian Hayden Desser is so laid back, you might miss just how damn good he is. Like an athlete who's so smooth that he appears to be coasting on the field, Hayden can have the same effect with his throat of Northern smoke and low key song characters. But this song bursts into flame in several places; the wacked out LA storyline, the la la la la la's, and the surprisingly perfect trumpet.

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Tobias Froberg - "God's Highway" [mp3]
I had to head over to Google and see if Simon and Garfunkel had done a song called "God's Highway". They hadn't, so I'm going to have to put Froberg down as a big fan of that acclaimed duo. And as you may know I've, easily and happily, become a fan of Swede Froberg, having posted songs of his in the past. This one is just another indication of his classic pop influences.

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Ian Love - "The Only Night" [mp3]
Love, an American, has that oddly seductive phrasing that is most often found in Scandinavian pop singers... I can't get a handle on how to describe how Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians, curl their tongues around English lyrics, but it's different enough to stand out and familiar enough to appeal. It's kind of like a new flavour of coffee, one you haven't tried before and now that you have, you're smitten. To make a long story short, Ian Love has a touch of that flavour in his voice and I like it.

old enough

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