February 08, 2007

NEW Frog Eyes: Album and MP3

Frog Eyes have a new record coming May 1st, titled Tears of the Valedictorian, it will groan under the weight of this track, "Bushels". If you haven't heard singer Carey Mercer, be prepared to be amazed, shocked, astounded, etcetera... this is a voice you can't ignore, you'll either take it in, or slam the door in it's face.

bushels [mp3]

Pre-order the record from Absolutely Kosher.

From The Folded Palm
the oscillator's hum [mp3]
From Emboldened Navigator
i hope my horse don't make no sound [mp3]

Carey Mercer's solo project Blackout Beach
claxxon's lament [mp3]
the stuttered XXX breeze XXX [mp3]

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