February 28, 2007

Stream Arctic Monkeys New Song "Brainstorm" or "Brianstorm"... yeah, that's it

The world's biggest indie band, the Arctic Monkeys, have a new song which debuted on BBC's Zane Lowe show. Titled "Brianstorm", you can hear the song by going here to stream the show... you'll need RealPlayer.


  1. It's hard being pro-Monkeys in an indie elitist scene, and all my efforts have gone in vain ... the new stuff I've heard is so dull!
    British radio is already half Keane/Snow Patrol/Coldplay snooze-fest and half Arctic Monkeys-ripoff bands. The last thing we need is another band who sound like a watered-down Acrtic Monkeys (even if it is the Monkeys themselves).

  2. So nooshie, what is it that you don´t like about the new stuff? I only heard "Brainstorm" until now, but I think it´s great, it got drive and power and is to my mind one of the best songs I ever heard from the Monkeys. I agree that there are a lot of clones out there, and only a small part of the current music on the air is as exciting as it´s said it is, but I really can´t see what´s wrong with this song. You´re comment sounds to me like one of these "evolution-bad, stagnancy-good" thought´s that I hear a lot today (no offense!).Anyway, it´s a free world you can argue a lot about music, but I think new song is great, and I really NEED the upcoming album.