February 18, 2007

SXSW: 2007 Showcases and Schedule Online + FREE MP3s! Part 2

Here's part two of a mp3 mix featuring just a few of the many free music downloads found online in the SXSW 2007 band showcases.

ox (pictured above) miss idaho [mp3] showcase
the procession major and minor [mp3] showcase
alina simone saw-edged grass [mp3 showcase
daylights for the birds worlds away [mp3] showcase
death ships story never gets old [mp3] showcase
the diableros tropical pets [mp3] showcase
paul duncan red eagle [mp3] showcase
the femurs not giving up [mp3] showcase
the golden dogs never meant any harm [mp3] showcase
jets overhead seems so far [mp3] showcase
kaki king gay sons of lesbian mothers [mp3] showcase
pete and the pirates come on feet [mp3] showcase
rock plaza central my children, be joyful [mp3] showcase


  1. Nice collection! Great to see some Rock Plaza Central love. Keep up the amazing work.


  2. Hi Tsuru,
    thanks for visiting. It's always nice to know someone appreciates the music.


  3. Yes, thanks for doing all the work for us!

  4. A big list of free / unofficial SXSW shows for this year: http://www.FiddleWhileYouBurn.com/2007/03/sxsw-2007-badges-we-dont-need-no.html