February 17, 2007

SXSW: 2007 Showcases and Schedule Online + FREE MP3s!

The schedule and band showcase pages are now online right here. And just for you I've compiled a bleep load of some of the free mp3s offered by the SXSW website... this, by the way, is the first installment. There's more to come.

limbeck big drag [mp3] showcase
peter elkas wall of fire [mp3] showcase
luke temple saturday people [mp3] showcase
pop levi sugar assault me now [mp3] showcase
protokoll moving forward [mp3] showcase
midnight movies patient eye [mp3] showcase
say hi to your mom these fangs [mp3] showcase
jana hunter babies [mp3] showcase
the slats call my telephone [mp3] showcase
immaculate machine broken ship [mp3] showcase
malajube etienne d'out [mp3] showcase
bishop allen click click click [mp3] showcase
buck 65 kennedy killed the hat [mp3] showcase
the village green when the creepers creep in [mp3] showcase
tobias froberg when the night turns cold [mp3] showcase
you am i it ain't funny how we don't talk anymore [mp3] showcase
hymns it's a shame [mp3] showcase
dirty on purpose no radio [mp3] showcase
tullycraft stowaway [mp3] showcase
headlights tv [mp3] showcase
new london fire different [mp3] showcase
field music sit tight [mp3] showcase
washington social club jarvis cocker [mp3] showcase
zykos wipeout (try waking up!) [mp3] showcase
samamidon tribulation [mp3] showcase
money mark pick up the pieces [mp3] showcase

Vistit the HYPE MACHINE for more mp3s.

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