February 15, 2007

The Veils - 'Playing with Time'

Finn Andrews (center) is the group's singer and songwriter and he has a distinctive voice - kind of a soft rasp - but, rasp isn't right - more of a rustling, especially on the slower tracks - like barefeet brushing through long grass. - from an earlier*Sixeyes post

Have you heard Nux Vomica? Or heard of Nux Vomica, *Sixeyes favourite album of 2006 (it was released last year in Europe) by The Veils? Well, you will, or at the very least you should as it will finally and fittingly see a release stateside on Great Society this coming April 24th. The band is led by the slimly bodied and generously talented New Zealander Finn Andrews. A young man whose voice and passion may not be s0 much timeless as they are pure of vision. Andrews looks past the material and focuses on the spirit of life and love which, as we all well know, are timeless.

1. Not Yet
2. Calliope!
3. Advice For Young Mothers To Be [mp3]
4. Jesus For The Jugular: Stream
5. Pan
6. A Birthday Present
7. Under The Folding Branches: Stream
8. Nux Vomica
9. One Night On Earth
10. House Where We All Live

Visit their myspace for more streaming mp3s.

The Veils will be touring North America in the near future... stay tuned, or online, for the dates when they are announced.

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  1. I absolutely, absolutely loved this album. I'd call his voice a distressed howl myself. They are great live as well - I went to see them in the criminally underpopulated ABC2 in Glasgow and they were superb, despite the thin audience.

  2. hey matthew, i envy your seeing them live, but i hope to get the chance soon.

  3. It was great but it was so frustrating to see the room so empty. I felt like going outside to drag people in off the streets. The band didn't look too impressed either, unfortunately!

  4. I know how you felt. The first time I saw John Vanderslice live, I'd spent at least half an hour with him before the show and then when he played the crowd was way too small for my liking. Part of that may have been it was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and The Fiery Furnaces were playing the same night.

  5. I wish i had a chance to see them live. When you're far away and got no chance, you only sit and satisfied with Cds, and Matthew you're so right about they don't give attention some succesful artists, that's why i started to spread my word. I don't know maybe it doesn't change anything. In anyway i'm happy to try. I feel quite peaceful when try to do right things. And i really love people who love music.