February 12, 2007

Via Violenta

This band from LA has got something, at least that's my call. I hopped onto their myspace a week, or two, ago and was immediately taken with the sound of Hari Rex (guitar, keys, vox), Freddie Nix (bass, piano, vox), and D. Paul Dutt (drums, percussion). Arresting vocals, great dynamics, and tension... all great music has the building of tension and the joy of release. What Via Violenta add is the beauty of tension and release within the framework of the band itself. The songs often bearing a startling dichotomy, Hari Rex's laidback vocal as smooth as hookah smoke clashing with the strong vibrant music stirred up by the band, and it works wonderfully. And don't forget space, air, or holes; big spaces in the music where the listener can easily slip in between the instruments. "Always Looking Back" will sneak into your memory, you've just got to give it a chance to be heard... the lyrics are well worth a listen as well, lines like "... I'm just so happy to go through the windshield for you..." will soon be anticipated with each new listen.

always looking back [mp3]

You can stream a few songs on their myspace page through the link below.

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