March 22, 2007

BAND TO WATCH: One Hand Loves the Other

When I clicked my way to Atlanta band One Hand Loves The Other's myspace I was intrigued as the music began to play. The song that was playing, "Burden of Barnacles", is built on the blips and bloops of a laptop and over these are laid the strings of cello and synththesizer. These aren't all, there's an airy flute flittering in and out and more, although above all these inorganic sounds soars the stunning voice of Lou Rodriquez. I wasn't sure if one of the women in the band was now singing, or not, but after a little googling I learned that Rodriguez does all the vocals. In this song he begins in his more than interesting, let's call it 'regular' voice., But abruptly he swings, or sweeps, up into the stratosphere, giving the song a lovely edge whether you know it's a man, or woman. This is surely dramatic music, music that may find a wider audience with the popularity of very dramatic Mercury Prize winners Antony & The Johnsons. This Atlanta based four piece show much promise and their collective talent will outshine any who see the vocal as a 'gimmick'. This is no gimmick, this is a gift.

burden of barnacles [mp3] from their s/t debut out May 2007 on StickFigure Records
tortoise [mp3]

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