March 21, 2007

New Roger Waters MP3: Hello, I love You

Pink Floyd icon, Roger Waters, has recorded a new song for movie, THE LAST MIMZY, and it features the line...
"hello, I love you, is there anybody in there..."

Does that look, or sound, familiar?

Roger Waters Hello (I Love You) [mp3]


  1. well that explains the pink floyd t-shirts worn in the movie. my little one was ready to leave when the movie was over, so i didn't get much time to check out the credits. :)


  2. I knew it. Listening to it I immediately went, well, if that isn't Floyd then it is someone doing an amazing imitation.

  3. Arlene, that sounds eerily familiar.
    I said almost exactly the same thing.
    Of course I had to read the credits to find out who was doing this amazingly Floydian tune !!

  4. Roger is Floyd and this song shows that Floyd is not dead yet.