March 10, 2007

Wilco's Sky Blue Sky: "Shake It Off" MP3

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy (left) once said in a poem (Another Great Thing) "...the best way to feel your blood is to lie...", and after listening to him sing the new songs on Sky Blue Sky, or anything else for that matter, that seems like a contradiction because, for me, no one sounds so utterly honest when they sing as Tweedy does. I've been trying to get at what I like so much about his voice and I've decided it's his simple honesty. The Tweedy voice is nothing to write home about and yet it captures the listener by making you believe every word he sings. I love this voice, there is a wounded country boy who's seen too much of the city in there (perhaps he lost that stuffie).
Funny, he sounds great doing the older alt-country stuff, but for me that voice of his sounds better when it uses the contrast of it's alt-country tinged core in the heart of a rock song or, what I like to call, one of Wilco's alt-city songs.

Here's one of those alt-city songs from the upcoming album Sky Blue Sky [May 15th on Nonesuch Records], an album which does a great job of showing how inventive and fluid a guitarist Nels Cline is... and once again, how honest a performer Jeff Tweedy is.

shake it off [mp3]


  1. Nice insight into the appeal of Tweedy's voice. Very nice.

  2. This is an awesome song, with Impossible Germany my favorites of the album I think. And yes, you hit it with his voice.