May 12, 2007

Shatner MP3s

It's been a while since I've seen Mr Shatner on a blog. Why I thought of him now? Not sure. My Dad went to McGill University in Montreal at the same time Shatner was there and I can remember thinking it was pretty cool that Captain Kirk's picture was in the yearbook my Dad has (even though it is now split in half). So, I guess that's reason enough to post the music of a fellow Montrealer and that there may be some of you out there who haven't heard that guy from Boston Legal singing with Henry Rollins. And I also found this great picture of The Shat with his toupee collection.

lucy in the sky with diamonds [mp3]
mr tambourine man [mp3]
i can't get behind that [mp3] - feat. Henry Rollins
has been [mp3]

GO HERE for more mp3s.
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Go here (5 10 07 | San Diego, CA) and let John Vanderslice get you all 'darksided' -- pssst it's a video link in his most recent post. It's scary, funny, the best in American television.


  1. man in the middle10:14:00 AM

    lucy in the sky with diamonds is a Shatner ...erm, classic. I shall add it to my library and set the genre as 'comedy'.

    BTW those Fur balls are infact a dangerous alien species that breed like rabbits at an orgy.

  2. yeah, it's a classic all right. and the fur balls are called tribbles... only dangerous, i believe, because of the sheer numbers getting into places they shouldn't... if my memory serves me.

  3. You haven't seen Shatner on any blogs?

    Obviously, you haven't been reading any GOOD blogs: