May 13, 2007

Feist: The Reminder

Feist's latest work, The Reminder, is a vast improvement over her last disc, Let It Die. While Let It Die wasn't a bad record it lacked the aching emotion of her debut album, Monarch, but that may have been intentional in that she was trying to sing in a detached fashion. The Reminder seems to have struck a happy balance between those two records and will no doubt make an even bigger star out of this Canadian woman. Favourite tracks include "I Feel It All" (with it's bouncy melody and great sounding drum track), "The Park" (with an endearing demo-ish sound and chirping birds), "Past In Present" (a classic pop song), and "Limit To Your Love" (bearing a strong piano sound straight out of a Bill Withers song). A great record by an outstanding voice.

past in present [mp3]

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