May 13, 2007

Vote For Sixeyes (please) And Get FREE MP3s!

The MUSIC BLOG AWARDS 2007 are brought to you by emusic (the best digital music store on the internet). This is the first year for the event and unlike any other awards event all nominees have been selected by a group of music bloggers. Now if you go here to vote, you will get a chance to try out emusic for two weeks with forty free downloads!

So, please check it out here and when you come to category 4 for "Best Blogg", please type Sixeyes in the box labeled 'other - please specify'. And if we all work together on this, Sixeyes may finally win an award after three long hard years in front of a radioactive monitor.

I thank all the loyal Sixeyes readers in advance for this prestigious award (and of course my Mom and Dad and my Supreme Being of choice... and that Black Lab puppy we got when I was 12 or 13 and I slept in the basement with to stop her crying when we first got her. My brother Pete, seven years-old at the time, named her Blackie -- I miss you, Blackie).

Vote for Sixeyes and for your favourite music... PLEASE! For God's sake have a heart, it's Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day, Mom! By the way, Mom, if you go here you can vote for my blog! (ok, I'm done with the begging)

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