June 25, 2007

At Daytrotter This Week: The Spinto Band

Delaware's The Spinto Band are featured at this week's Daytrotter session. They played four songs and three of those were new and unreleased!

Here's the tracklist:
Ain't That The Truth (new)
Oh, Mandy
Needlepoint (new)
Cat's Pajamas (new)

And here's the link to their Daytrotter session.

The band also did an interview, here's an excerpt:

Daytrotter: What are the plans for the next record? When we last talked, they sounded up in the air.
Jonathan Eaton: Oh funny you ask. Just this week, we finalized some plans to hop over to the west coast and spend a few weeks with Dave Trumfio at his studio in LA. Most of the record is written and we are all super anxious to put it to tape. It should be recorded by the end of August and on record shelves sometime in 2008. We put together an EP as well, hopefully that will see the light of day in the coming months, but who knows. Also, we need to wait for our manager to get out of a Mexican prison.

Read the full interview.

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