June 14, 2007

Bill Callahan: Smog Alert

I never paid much attention to Bill Callahan before. I had heard of Smog, but it's likely that the name itself pushed me away from listening, or at the least, seeking out the music to hear. But now along comes Bill Callahan, minus the depressing name 'Smog', and playing some uplifting and even catchy music on his first album sans the Smog moniker. And did I mention that I like it? I like it, it's good. Give a listen to these tracks from the Drag City release, Woke on a Whaleheart. It's his first recording without the established name Smog hanging on him and from what I have now heard of Smog, it seems to have lightened his soul. The music is lighter and doesn't have the dissonance so prevalent in some of the Smog music. The Smog has finally lifted and the sun is shining? Maybe.

sycamore [mp3]
diamond dancer [mp3]

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  1. Maybe you're right, music is about gloomy experiences and very very very personal music can push you away at times, but i'm glad that you like his new record! Your font size looks better or my eyes are blind in these days! Take Care...

  2. Bill Callahan is probably more famous for dating cat power and then breaking her heart and at last check he was dating joanna newsom, does this guy get the indie chicks or what? Anyways, I saw him in concert (back when he was smog) in portland around 4 years ago and he had a solid show. That album that he was promoting on that tour was somewhat uneven but still good. There's a song called 'Truth Serum' on it that still relaxes me to this day, you might want to put it on your site as an mp3. Anyways, great blog and keep up the good work!