June 14, 2007

The Veils: Black Sessions MP3s

In honour of tonights journey into the heart of darkness (Toronto's Chinatown) to see The Veils play the El Mocambo, here's the complete Black Sessions they did for French radio Inter.

AND check out this previous post at Sixeyes where you can win tickets to see The Veils on their current tour.

These mp3 links have expired, BUT I have just re-posted the entire session HERE.

01 -A Birthday Present
02 - Jesus For The Jugular
03 - One Night On Earth
04 - Calliope!
05 - State Trooper (springsteen cover)
06 - Nux Vomica
07 - Advice For Young Mothers To Be
08 - Under The Folding Branches
09 - The Wild Son
10 - Pan
11 - Not Yet
12 - More Heat Than Light

FIND more mp3s.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm a huge Veils fan and would love it if you uploaded their Black Sessions MP3's again. Thanks in advance!


  2. Anonymous5:46:00 PM

    I'm getting some friends into the band and would love to be able to point here as a way for them to discover their live sound.

  3. DDred and Carl - I will post the entire Black Session again very shortly... perhaps even later tonight (which is August 6th, by the way).

    Thanks for visiting and I hope the like the music.