August 06, 2007

THE VEILS: Black Sessions! AGAIN!!

After several requests I think it's about time that some of you, who haven't had the chance, get that chance to hear The Veils' Black Sessions (which are French radio sessions done before a live audience). I had posted the set a while back and now gladly give all those interested the chance to download these mp3s once more. And check the tour dates below... and buy the friggin' album... please.



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Upcoming Tour Dates

3 Aug 2007 The Paper Heart Phoenix, Arizona
15 Aug 2007 Beauty Bar San Diego, California
16 Aug 2007 Hotel Cafe Los Angeles, California
17 Aug 2007 Hotel Cafe Los Angeles, California
18 Aug 2007 The Bunkhouse Las Vegas, Nevada
2 Sep 2007 Download Festival Chicago, Illinois
4 Sep 2007 Grog Shop Cleveland, Ohio
5 Sep 2007 El Mocambo Toronto, Ontario
6 Sep 2007 Zaphod Beeblebrox Ottawa, Ontario
8 Sep 2007 Osheaga Festival Montreal, Quebec
10 Sep 2007 Bowery Ballroom New York, New York
15 Sep 2007 Leffingeleuren Festival Leffinge, Belgium
26 Nov 2007 Oosterpoort Groningen, Netherlands
27 Nov 2007 Patronaat Haarlem, Netherlands
28 Nov 2007 O13 Tilburg, Netherlands
29 Nov 2007 Speakers Delft, Netherlands


  1. I really, really wish I had not missed the their show the last time they appeared in Boston. Thanks for posting this Alan.

  2. damn i love this band

    good good stuff here, all of it worth dwnling

  3. Thanks so much for reuploading this! Such an amazing band. I saw them live in Minneapolis in July and they were great. I only had to wait 3 years for them to tour here =) I hope they come back soon!

    Thanks again,

  4. oh man could you please please post it again, they are so wonderful and state trooper is friggin wicked