June 19, 2007

Merge to Release M Ward's 'Duet for guitars #2'

Merge Records will re-release M Ward's debut album, Duet for guitars #2, on July 10th. In and out of print since first seeing life on Co-dependent Records in 1999 this time Merge will see that it stays in print.

From Duet for guitars #2
look me over [mp3]

Pre-order via Merge Records

Duet for guitars #2 Track List:
1. Duet For Guitars #2
2. Beautiful Car
3. Fishing Boat Song
4. Scene From #12
5. Good News
6. Crooked Spine, The
7. Look Me Over
8. Who May Be Lazy
9. It Won't Happen Twice
10. He Asked Me To Be A Snake And Live Underground
11. Song From Debby's Stairs
12. It Was A Beautiful Car
13. Were You There?
14. Not A Gang
15. Duet For Guitars #1

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