August 13, 2007

TOM WAITS: Live in Akron 2006

This is the best 'bootleg' I've ever heard of Tom Waits, but it isn't a true bootleg, the show was broadcast live on NPR and subsequently the sound is fantastic...


1 Make It Rain

2 Shore Leave

3 Falling Down

4 Tango Until They Are Sore

5 Tom Traubert's Blues

6 Eyeball Kid

7 Murder in the Red Barn

8 Trampled Rose

9 Bottom of the World

10 Til the Money Runs Out

11 Get Behind De Mule


  1. hey your blog and especially love this Tom Waits concert. Sound is phenomenal...

    But I was wondering if you know if this is the whole set, or are there other tracks out there? I saw this setlist that seems to indicate there are a few missing from your posting:

    ...I would love to find the rest of the tracks. There's a few gems missing I think..."Hoist that rag" and "Christmas card.."?

  2. Hey Cisco - thanks. Glad you like the Waits, but I don't know where to find the other tracks. Like i said in the post it was a radio broadcast and only one hour of the show was played on the air. Maybe someone else knows if the entire show was recorded and where to get a hold of those other songs.

  3. By the way, the song that's medleyed with "Til The Money Runs Out" is "Who's Been Talking." It's a Howling Wolf song.

    I was at this show and though I'd like to find the rest of the songs, what's here are definitely the highlights and a few of them had previously shown up on Waits' My Space page. I didn't know the show had ever been broadcast.

    The bit at the beginning of "Tom Traubert," when Waits says something about a guy and a shirt was prompted by somebody running up to the stage and chucking a shirt at Tom as he started playing the piano. A few minutes into the song a fistfight started a few rows behind where my wife and her sister were sitting because someone apparently pissed on the person next to them.

    Easily the worst crowd I've ever been at a show with, but an excellent performance and I'm glad to get to hear it again (Especially without someone behind me singing along with everything, though I suppose that could be arranged).

  4. hey punchbuggy -

    thank you for the best comment ever submitted at sixeyes... EVER. I loved it and I'm sure everyone else who bothers to check out this Waits post will, as well.