September 12, 2007

The Seedy Seeds

The Seedy Seeds snagged me when I first heard "The Little Patton". It's childlike simplicity brings a smile to the face (where else would it bring a smile?) and it's sing-song melody will squeeze a song from the lips of most every listener. Mike Ingram and Margaret Weiner are The Seedy Seeds and they supposedly began a band to force themselves to learn to play the instruments they owned. Well, whatever works, they've got some fun stuff here on the record, Change States, and Margaret Weiner's got the kind of voice that I will continue to try and discover what's so appealing (okay, Mike sings too, and acquits himself quite well, so there).

from Change States...
the little patton [mp3]
earned average dance america [mp3]


Change States - 2007 - BUY
1. Intro : the da-da song
2. Eponym
3. The Little Patton
4. Alberta
5. Rise to Receive
6. Calliope
7. Grace
8. The Weight of So Many Anchors
9. Changes Less the Moon
10. Ides
11. Earned Average Dance America
12. Outro : of the lion

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  1. Seriously Alan, posts like this is why I love your blog and why I am on the radio to share it with the world.
    Those Seedy Seeds!