September 11, 2007

Viarosa 'Where The Killers Run'

Viarosa, a British band, make good use of leader Richard Neuberg's voice, a rich instrument that never strays into excess. In fact its restraint displays Viarosa's obvious axiom (obvious to me) that the music comes first. The stretched out ache of Josh Hillman's violin (Hillman is also a member of Willard Grant Conspiracy) adds a bittersweet edge to the songs, like honey squeezed from a lemon. There's a vague Nick Cave vibe here, in that the music can deliver an odd mix of internal ache and external vastness, like sorrow haunting from the past, or from across the unforgiving ocean.

Viarosa, together for just over six years, saw their debut full length, Where The Killers Run, re-released last November 20th in the UK and across Europe and US indie, Tarnished Records, released the album this past May stateside. You can stream four tracks from an upcoming record, Righteous Path, at one of their two myspace pages -- try this one for the new stuff and here's the other myspace page.

I like a term I found on a PR firm's site describing the band's sound as 'country noir'. That doesn't come close to capturing the band, but I like that term, it reminds me of Jim White. See for yourself through the mp3s offered below. This is beautiful music which melds elements of indie rock, celtic, and alt-country music... or, I could just say, this is major talent working in a minor key.

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ballad of a self-made man
blood from a stone

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VIAROSA are...
Richard Neuberg: vocals, guitars
Emma Seal: vocals
Josh Hillman: violin, viola, saw
Rob McHardy: lap steel, mandolin, banjo, guitars
Mick Young: stand-up & electric bass
Nick Simms: drums

(This is pretty much the same post that I put up in November on Viarosa, but after realizing that the record was now available in North America I figured I'd remind those of you who care)

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