December 22, 2007

Discover: The Countless Jibes and Heartbreak Scene

Here are a couple of bands that are new to me and at opposite ends of the indie spectrum, but both are more than good enough to share with the discerning visitors which brighten this dark space called Sixeyes. But since we're talkin' Vancouver here, there are connections between these bands.... Steve Balogh of The Countless Jibes, Marcy Emery of Heartbreak Scene and Mark Szabo were in a band called Capozzi Park. Jesus, it's like one big musical orgy out there on the coast, with bastard children poppin' out left and right.

* * * * * *

If you're tired of trying to listen to the latest from Black Mountain and you want something to make you shake your ass, something to knock you up against the garage wall, or through the garage door... ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Vancouver's The Countless Jibes.

going for dead (live) [mp3]
do the jibe (live) [mp3]
jibes alright (live) [mp3]

These are live performances, the band is not signed, but has ties to many indie acts in Vancouver and beyond like Destroyer, Pink Mountaintops, Jackie-O Motherfucker, BatEater, Secret Three, Kid Champion, !Eye!, Fuck Me U.S.A., Anemones, Victoria Victoria, Capozzi Park, Nasty On, Sparrow, Citroen, Sick Buildings, Leviathans, The Cinch, The Book of Lists, Sun Arise, and The Christa Min.

* * * * * *

Heartbreak Scene is a band drawn together by vocalist Marcy Emery to give the songs of Vancouver BC songwriter Mark Szabo a larger audience. Emery enlisted the talents of Destroyer's Dan Bejar, Steven Balogh (of the aforementioned Countless Jibes), and the New Pornographers John Collins. Here are a couple of mp3s from the record, The Mark Szabo Songbook.

love outside movies (a duet with Dan Bejar) [mp3]
alibi [mp3]

Szabo's music also boasts supporters like Franklin Bruno and the Mountain Goats John Darnielle... how can you go wrong with fans like this?

BUY here

And here is a low bit rate mp3 of the man himself, Mark Szabo...
by a nose [mp3]

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