December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas... Here's The National

If you're only familiar with The National through their latest album, Boxer, a record that, by the way, was picked as album of the year here at Sixeyes... and at Paste Magazine, as well, you've got to give a look and listen to these videos of older songs... and then you'll know that this is one band you must see live (and a band that always had something special... isn't hindsight great!?).

BUY Boxer here.
Download The National's music at eMusic.

"Slipping Husband" MP3

"Sugar Wife"

"Fashion Coat"


"Cold Girl Fever" MP3


"Murder Me Rachael" MP3

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  1. If you like these guys you should definetly check out this band comin up out Delaware. They are called Fat Daddy Has Been and I just saw them live for the first time and they killed it. Their new album is amazing so if anyone wants to check them out you can hear it at